Lifelong Learner,爱健身的

IT 技能

  • Golang(云原生编程语言,高效的网络编程体验,用直觉编程)
  • Python (万能语言,丰富的语法糖,用库编程)
  • Java (Spring 大一统,用来开发 Web 很不错)
  • Linux,常用 centos 发行版,重度 VIM 用户(Mac 也不错)
  • 常用的 Web 中间件,如 Mysql,MongoDB,Redis,Sqlite,RabbitMQ 等(忘的很快)
  • DevOps 工具集
  • 其他:Splunk,Prometheus 生态,ELK 生态,Nginx、Envoy 代理等
  • 虚拟化技术 qemu-kvm,libvirt,ceph,ovs,openstack 等


I’m an engineer.And i think it’s really– I mean– I’m perfectly happy with all the people who are walking around and just staring at the clouds and looking at the stars and saying,”I want to go here”.But i’m looking at the ground and i want to fix the pot hole that’s right in front of me before i fall in,This is the kind of person I am. –Linus Torvalds


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